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gle+co is the creative studio of Erin Gale, a graphic designer and creative living and working in Victoria, Australia. 

Erin a strong passion for creating beautiful things, and started her career in advertising in 2010 before moving to art and design in 2014. She's an avid writer, traveller, photographer and reader, and spends more time in the notes app on her phone than any social media platform.

Erin approaches her work with a sense of pride and drive to create work that creates meaning. She's a skilled multi-disciplinary creative, with a passion and background in design, writing, marketing and communications. So, essentially she can write, edit and design anything you need (what a package right?!). 

Erin currently works full time with a giant red rondel in the second largest city in Victoria, but she's always on the look out for new creative projects big and small to fill her spare time.

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